NET GmbH acquires iv-tec GmbH

The perfect symbiosis:
NET GmbH acquires iv-tec GmbH
Innovation & Know How come together

  • Lag-free 3D depth measurement using (stereo-) camera system
  • Real-time HD image rotation and zoom
  • Radial/tangential correction of optical image defects

With immediate effect, all of this and more is just part of NET New Electronic Technology GmbH in Finning, which has recently acquired iv-tec GmbH, a technological company with many years of experience in image processing, specializing in the development of algorithms and real-time software.
NET GmbH not only sells innovative camera systems for professional users in the fields of industry, medicine and research, but also develops customized camera solutions. iv-tec GmbH has the know-how to develop the corresponding algorithms to enable highly complex applications. This results in a positive synergy effect:
In future, NET GmbH will be able not only to offer innovative and customized camera systems, but also to improve the performance and functionality of these camera systems, which are used primarily in both the industrial sector and in the medical technology sector, particularly in the field of endoscopy.

NET New Electronic Technology GmbH
Lerchenberg 7
86923 Finning
Tel.: +49 (0)8806 9234 0

iv-tec GmbH
Hans-Bunte-Str. 19
79108 Freiburg
Tel: +49 (0) 761 766 0106