Video IP

iv-tec develops HW IP (RTL: Verilog/VHDL) in the Area of Video and Image Processing. IP's are available to customers at different license models.
Video IP's from iv-tec are based on generic interface standards and are build with optimal resource usage. Adaptations to customer needs are fast and reliable thanks to our optimized iv-tec development methodology. Our IP is easy to integrate into customer projects and is available either as standalone IP block or packaged into a subsystem containig several IP blocks optimized for each other.

iv-tec is offering the following IP Blocks for HD video processing (link to PDF datasheet):

iv-rot : HD Rotation (Rotation of Pictures with up to 150Mpixel/sec with Angel, Crop and Shape options)
iv-deint: Video Deinterlacing (low delay de-interlacing algorithms, Intra and inter field processing)
iv-rect: Rectification (Correction of geometric and other distortions, especially for stereo camera systems)
iv-cfe: Color Feature Enhancer (local adaptive Color Features, usable for Color-stretch, Dynamic Range Adaptation, Local Contrast)
iv-bayer: De-Mosaicing of Sensor Bayer Pattern (3 Processing Qualities low-end medium high-end)
iv-corr: 3D Video Processor (Stereo Correspondence Calculation) with 64 disparities

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